Watermaster Reports

Watermaster Rules and Regulations

Annual Reports

Information Contained in the Annual Reports to the Court

The Watermaster is required to file an Annual Report with the Court detailing its activities for the Water Year. The Watermaster has filed thirty such reports with the Court upon the filing of its Thirtieth Annual Report for the 2022-23 Water Year dated May 1, 2024. The Annual Report summarizes most of the information required by the Judgment and includes a summary of the Watermaster’s activities and water supply conditions for the Water Year. Appendix L of the Annual Report consists of a detailed accounting of surface water and groundwater production and a listing of transfers of Base Annual Production Rights that show changes in ownership. Appendix L is published under a separate cover.

The Judgment requires that the Annual Report contain the following specific information:

  • Review of Watermaster Activities
  • Hydrologic Data
  • Status of Subarea Obligations
  • Purchases of Supplemental Water
  • Recharge with Supplemental Water
  • Revisions to the Rules and Regulations Adopted by Watermaster
  • Proposed Administrative Budget for the next Water Year
  • Proposed Assessment Rates for the next Water Year
  • Projected Assessment Rates for the next two Water Years
  • Proposed Free Production Allowances for Subareas
  • Summary of Water Production
  • Replacement and Makeup Water Obligations
  • Replacement and Makeup Water Assessments
  • Transfers of Base Annual Production Rights
  • Transfers of Free Production Allowance during the Water Year
  • Auditor’s Report
  • Fiscal Report
  • Biological Trust Fund Financial Report
  • Notice List