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Regional Water Management Group

The Regional Water Management Group (RWMG) is charged with developing and implementing the Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) Plan.  Where possible, the RWMG will defer to the stakeholders to provide input and direction in the development of the IRWM Plan.  The RWMG will also ensure that the financing of projects and implementation of the IRWM Plan are carried out.  Members of the RWMG designate representatives to be on a Coordinating Committee which will make decisions regarding the direction of the plan.

The RWMG is made up of the following organizations:

Implementation Support Team

Mojave Integrated Regional Water Management Plan Implementation Support Team (IST)

The Technical Advisory Committee serves as the IST and is tasked with implementation and tracking the progress of the Plan.


Stakeholder input is critical to the development of this IRWM Plan update.  If you have an interest in the sustainability of our community, or if you are aware of a water supply, water quality, or infrastructure need, we want to hear from you!  Visit the Participate Page to see how you can provide input.  Or attend our Public Meetings.

Mojave Water Agency

Mojave Water Agency is charged with ensuring a reliable water supply for today and tomorrow.  Formed in 1960, the Agency is responsible for managing groundwater resources within its boundaries that span some 4,900 square miles that include both the Mojave Basin and Morongo Water Basin. MWA is one of 29 State Water Project contractors permitted to deliver water from the California Aqueduct, and the Agency imports water from this source as needed. MWA strategically invests in infrastructure, groundwater banking, and conservation, to ensure a sustainable water supply. MWA is also responsible for implementing the Mojave Basin Area Judgment, which by court action, adjudicated the rights to produce water from the available natural water supply to better manage groundwater supplies.

Mojave Integrated Regional Water Management Plan

Coordinating Committee Representatives and Alternates

Mojave Water Agency

Allison Febbo


Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority

Darron Poulsen


Technical Advisory Committee

Marina West

Perry Dahlstrom

Mojave Desert Resource Conservation District

Chuck Bell

Paul Johnson

Morongo Basin Pipeline Commission

Judy Corl-Lorono



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