Drought Response and Resiliency

According to the California Department of Water Resources (DWR), the state is experiencing its driest season in recorded history. The lack of precipitation and depleted snowpack have resulted in rapidly declining reservoir levels, which lead to Governor Gavin Newsom issuing an executive order in March of 2022 calling on water agencies to implement Level 2 of their drought contingency plans, also known as the Water Shortage Contingency Plan that is outlined in the Agency’s Urban Water Management Plan.

For MWA, this means:  

Conservation is a way of life in the desert, so our drought response looks different than other regions of California that aren’t used to cutting back on their water use.

As a water wholesaler, MWA doesn’t sell water directly to consumers, but manages the High Desert’s water supply, which is 100% groundwater.

Water use reduction regulations vary from one water purveyor to another. Mojave Water Agency offers a handy tool to find your water purveyor so you can keep up to date on water issues and restrictions.

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