Water Delivery Systems

Connecting rivers, watersheds, and basins, the MWA manages and maintains your sources of freshwater. In pursuit of the goal of providing a stable and sustainable water supply for the High Desert Region, MWA has constructed and currently operates projects that provide regional water supply benefits across its roughly 4,900 square mile service area. Raw water facilities primarily consist of delivering and storing water from the State Water Project to meet needs throughout our service area and include the Morongo Basin Pipeline, the Mojave River Pipeline, the Oro Grande Wash Pipeline, and the various recharge basins used to store imported water in our groundwater basins. In addition, the Regional Recharge and Recovery Project (R-Cubed) delivers potable water to local retail water agencies with facilities that include groundwater production wells immediately downstream of MWA’s recharge facilities along the Mojave River and miles of distribution pipeline and turnout facilities.