Studies and Reports

The Mojave Water Agency has been entrusted with managing the long-term reliability of water resources within an approximately 5,000 square mile area of the Mojave Desert. To assist in the guidance and decision making necessary to support and protect these resources, MWA has worked closely with various entities to gather data and information, producing scientific studies specific to regional subareas. Results from these hydrogeologic assessments provide insight into available groundwater in storage, aquifer space available for water banking, review of the basin water budget, potential infiltration rates, groundwater flow direction(s), flow rates and water quality.

These reports, with maps detailing the area of study, are available here for download.

Regional Studies

Conceptual Hydrogeologic Model and Assessment of Water Supply and Demand for the Centro and Baja Management Subareas Mojave River Groundwater Basin
Oeste Hydrologic Sub-Area Hydrogeologic Report
Oeste Hydrologic Atlas
Hydrogeologic Evaluation – Proposed R3 Project Mojave River Channel Area Vicinity Hesperia, San Bernardino County, California
Basin Conceptual Model and Assessment of Water Supply and Demand for the Ames Valley, Johnson Valley, and Means Valley Groundwater Basins
Este Hydrologic Atlas
Evaluation of Geohydrologic Framework, Recharge Estimates, and Ground-Water Flow of the Joshua Tree Area, San Bernardino County, California
Evaluation of the Source and Transport of High Nitrate Concentrations in Ground Water, Warren Subbasin, California
Mojave River Transition Zone Recharge Project Phase I Report Transition Zone Hydrogeology
Mojave River Transition Zone Recharge Project Phase II Report Groundwater Supply and Demand in the Transition Zone
Simulation of Ground-Water Flow in the Mojave River Basin, California