High Desert Receives Nearly an Inch of Rain

July 26, 2021

Apple Valley, CA—Early morning rain on July 26th brought nearly an inch of much needed precipitation to the High Desert as California endures the third worst drought in recorded history.

Mojave Water Agency reported .96 of an inch of rainfall in eastern Apple Valley, .25 of an inch in downtown Yucca Valley, and .15 of an inch in downtown Phelan.

On average the MWA service area, that encompasses nearly 5,000 square miles in the Victor Valley, Barstow area, and the Morongo Basin, receives less than six inches of rainfall each year.

During previous droughts, the region has sustained and even experienced growth by continuing water management strategies and conservation. The Mojave Water Agency, as a participant in the State Water Project, purchases water from the State to help manage groundwater basins to help augment supplies during dry cycles.

Despite the welcomed rainfall and groundwater recharge programs, MWA officials are encouraging residents and businesses to continue water conservation practices.

Jim Ventura, MWA Board President, urged residents to keep up their water conservation practices. “Water conservation isn’t something we do when we experience drought. It is a way of life in the desert. We’ve been through drought before and working together to conserve we will get through it again.”

Simple ways to conserve water indoors include running dishwashers with full loads, taking shorter showers, and shutting off the water while brushing one’s teeth. Outdoor water conservation practices include limiting landscape watering to early morning and late evening hours and installing desert friendly landscaping. For more water conservation tips visit: saveourwater.com