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Upper Mojave River Hydrology

This site has been established in response to the need for understanding what is happening within the Upper Mojave River Basin, including current and historical groundwater and climate conditions.  

The documents posted below are working files, and shoud be considered draft in nature.  
These data and figures will be updated frequently and are subject to on-going revision.  
Please check back periodically for new and updated products.

For more information about the content presented here, please contact Tony Winkel with Mojave Water Agency,

(760) 946-7000.

River System Transect
Hydrostratigraphy of the Upper
Mojave River

Average Annual
Precipitation 1998-2010
Data provided by Oregon State
University, PRISM Climate Group

Upper Mojave River Water Quality
Cross Section
Simplified version of the h
of the Upper Mojave River with arsenic
water quality data

Upper Mojave River Historical

This map reflects historical water levels

Upper Mojave River

Seasonal Changes

Reflects changes in the water table

Production in the

Alto Subarea

From the Mojave Basin Watermaster

Hydrogeologic Evaluation, Proposed R3 Project Mojave River Channel Area, 
Vicinity Hesperia, San Bernardino County, California

Prepared by Richard C. Slade & Associates

Issued 2008

This report provides the findings and conclusions of the hydrogeologic evaluation of the proposed Regional Recharge and Recovery Project that is located along/near the channel of the Mojave River in the vicinity of Hesperia.  The project involves the construction of a put-and-take series of wells and transmission pipelines and the use of existing and proposed artificial spreading basins. The plan includes storing and artificially recharging surface water in new/proposed spreading basins in/along the Upper reach of the Mojave River, and extracting it at several new wells to the west and east of the river for conveyance to Victorville, Adelanto, Southern California Logistics Airport, and the Apple Valley region.

Website Links - The following data is available for further review.  Please click on the links to be directed to the page.  

Subarea Hydrograph Maps
Link to view Water Level Monitoring
Program graphs and maps

Mojave River Stream Gages
Link to view Regional Surface
Water Monitoring Stations

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