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Subarea Advisory Committees

Section V (D) of the Mojave Basin Area Judgment states, "Producers in each of the five Subareas are hereby authorized and directed to cause committees of Producer representatives to be organized and to act as Subarea Advisory Committees."

Each committee consists of five elected Advisors with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife serving as a permanent ex-officio member of the Alto and Baja Subarea Advisory Committees.  Watermaster holds elections every three years as required by the Judgment.  The most recent election was held during January, February and March 2018.

The current Subarea Advisory Committees are made up as follows:

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Member Name (Company)
1Art Bishop (Town of Apple Valley)Member
2Craig Carlson (Helendale Community Services District)
3Robert Boytor (Mojave Resource Management)
4Tina Souza (Hesperia Water District)
5Victorville Water Distict
Ex-OfficioCalifornia Department of Fish and Game
Current   Agenda and Minutes (if provided to Watermaster)
 Agenda for 11/6/2019
Minutes from 7/24/2019
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