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Desert Landscaping


The Guide to High Desert Landscaping is a great resource if you are looking to start a new desert look in your yard or if you are re-inventing your current landscape.  With important tips for planning, implementing and maintaining a beautiful, low water using landscape, this book is a must have for anyone who needs to know more about desert smart landscapes.

Looking for an attractive alternative to turf?

Pre-designed landscape prototypes with irrigation and planting pallettes are available in six versions to help you save money on designing or re-designing your desert-smart landscape.
Desert Ranch Garden

Lush and Efficient Garden
Mediterranean Garden
Native Plant and Wildlife Garden
Rock Garden
Thornless Garden

         Desert-Smart Plants                                                             Water-Wise Native Desert Plants

       High Desert Water Conservation                             7 Steps to a Beautiful Desert-Smart Landscape

If you are interested in removing your high water using turf and replacing it with desert-smart plants, you may be eligible to participate in the Cash for Grass Program.

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