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Congratulations High Desert residents! Our conservation efforts are working. Our water usage has dropped through conservation programs including Cash for Grass. Our endeavors have been recognized as one of the top conservation leaders in Southern California. For more information, click on the two-page flyer below and check out The Southern California Water Committee website.

Cash For Grass
Thanks to a generous award from the Department of Water Resources Proposition 84 Implementation Grant, a portion of $2,000,000 will be available for turf removal rebates within the Mojave Water Agency boundaries.
The Cash for Grass Program offers customers fifty cents ($0.50) per square foot of living and maintained turf that is removed and replaced with desert landscaping.


How to get started -

  • Contact your local water provider for an application or the Mojave Water Agency if you are on your own water /well system.

  • Complete application and return to water provider, who will set up a Pre-Inspection appointment to measure and photograph turf removal area.

  • Once approved you will have six months to complete your project.

  • Upon completion contact the Mojave Water Agency at 760-946-7055 to set up your Post-Inspection.

  • If all the program requirements are met, a rebate check for $0.50 per square foot will be issued eight weeks after the Post-Inspection.

Keep in mind -

  • You will have six months to complete your project. No extensions will be granted.

  • The program requires that you install drought tolerant plants covering 25 percent of the project area.

  • Non-permeable materials such as concrete or plastic may NOT be used in conversion area.

Residential Customer Rebates up to $3,000
Commercial/Industrial/Institutional Customers Rebates up to $10,000

Example Application with Program Conditions - Not for Submittal.

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