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Centro Water Levels

This map is linked to the USGS NWIS ground water level data website.  Retrieve records by Township and Range - click in an area to open the inventory of data available.  For further information on how wells are numbered and identified by Township, Range and Section please click here.

006N002W 006N003W 007N001E 007N001W 007N002W 007N003W 007N004W 008N001E 008N001W 008N002W 008N003W 008N004W 009N001E 009N001W 009N002W 009N003W 009N004W 009N005W 009N006W 009N007W 010N001W 010N002W 010N003W 010N004W 010N005W 010N006W 010N007W 011N001W 011N002W 011N003W 011N004W 011N005W 011N006W 011N007W 012N001W 012N002W 012N003W 012N004W 012N005W 012N006W 012N007W 030S044E 031S041E 031S042E 031S043E 031S044E 032S041E 032S042E 032S043E 032S044E 032S045E 032S046E 032S047E
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